Welcome to the Telica Mission blog. If you are here chances are you’ve heard about what we are doing and are very curious and willing to help. Perhaps you know one of the many people who have journied or are preparing for the next journey. Perhaps you are one of those “pilgrims”. Either way we are grateful you are here and hope you will stay awhile to find out how we intend to make God’s blessings manifest!

What’s it all about-


This mission is a labor of love that has expanded over the  years since begun by former Rochester Red Wing pitcher Antonio Chevez and his wife, Halyma. Both Nicaraguan natives, they became American citizens when Tony signed with the Baltimore Orioles. He had dreamed of returning to his hometown of Telica as an international sports star, able to share his rewards and wealth with his hardworking friends and family. Tony’s 95 mph fastball and youthful stamina virtually assured him major league success, until his career was cut short when a line drive shattered his collar bone and his plans. Tony eventually retired from baseball and settled into a comfortable American life, working for a Rochester manufacturing company.

Yet he and Halyma never let go of their dreams to one day return to Telica, and so in 2003 they, and a handful of their church friends, set off on a mission to build homes for the town’s neediest residents. Two years later, they recruited more friends and built even more houses!*

margaret-tiffany-with-esperanzas-family1In the six years since the Chevez’s first trip, many  people have sojourned to Telica to continue what Tony and Halyma began. To date  18 new homes were built (in place of shacks), two children are currently being sponsored  to attend college and learn a trade that will lift them and their family out of poverty.There are 10 more kids on the waiting list. That is just the tip of the iceburg. Not only have these missions provided families housing, but also clothing and shoes, food, book bags and basic supplies (see Testimony page). Volunteers also help run a Vacation Bible School (December marks summer vacation in Nicaragua) reaching out to over 240 kids, sharing Christ’s love.  In 2008, the Telica Kids Kafe was built and, thanks to the support of the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, is currently serving meals to 100 kids daily. So many more miraculous things are happening to combat poverty in the second poorest nation in Latin America.

Thank you for reading. Please find out more about who we are, the work we strive to continue and especially how you can help us; from  lending a helping hand, attending an event, or simply offering up a prayer for our success.

*(Taken from Teresa Keyes Nicaragua trip journal. See the West Bloomfield Congregational Church link to read more)